Compromise: I Will Not

  • Have you fully made up in your mind about your position and place in the Lord’s work?
  • Have you allowed others or other situations to hinder your walk, your position, or your giving to the Lord?
  • Have you compromised who you are in Christ?

The above are three questions to ask yourself concerning the decisions you may have made that disrupts your progress in the Lord. Sometimes, we (Saints) allow our feelings, negative thoughts, or simply our attitudes to make decisions for us; this in turn becomes a compromise. If God is first, and the most important thing to you, why compromise your relationship with HIM. Don’t sell yourself (and God) short for anyone. Make up in your mind that your will STAND. This word (compromise) relates to so many situations in our walk with Christ; and it makes you really sit back and evaluate who you are as a Christian and human being.

John 14:15(KJV) says, “If ye love me, keep my commandments.” In life, you will have many people or situations that the enemy will use to get you off course, and question who you are in God. This compromise is a set up to take what God has instilled in you and commanded you to do. Keep in remembrance your purpose and who commanded you to complete your purposeful mission. Keeping the commandments of God is a sign of your love towards Him. This is love in action. If God gave you an assignment to complete, finish it without question. If HE gave you a word to speak to the people on HIS behalf, do it without cutting any corners. Speak that word without people pleasing or “watering down” the Word to get people in your corner. The Bible says, in Jeremiah 1:8 (KJV) “Be not afraid of their faces: for I am with thee to deliver thee, saith the Lord.” This scripture is your assurance that no matter what, God is with you in all things; even when you don’t believe in yourself. Have courage and confidence, knowing that your “confidence has great recompense of reward” (Hebrew 10:35 KJV). Stick to the plan that God has for your life, never let your surroundings belittle that precious mission you must complete. Finish the course and move forward because YOU HAVE A PURPOSE!!!


One thought on “Compromise: I Will Not

  1. bigreendaya says:

    God bless. Glory be to God. Bless my Bishop and NCLDC.
    Wow is all i can say. From strip clubs to making up in my mind to give my life ti Christ fully in 2009. To teaching Sunday school in my inner city neighborhood. God is good. He gives us strengthen to carry out His work without question. I trust in God even when I don’t trust in myself. It blessed me. I am JoyBells..hear me Praise!!! 🙂

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