Reflections Of Your Works: Album by Selina R. Wellons

New Changing Life Deliverance Church, under the leadership of our Bishop, Bobby Wellons Sr.; is proud to announce the 2015 album release of Selina R. Wellons. As God spoke it through the mouth of the Prophet (Bishop Bobby Wellons, Sr.); Selina’s dream has come to pass.

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On June 18, 2015, NCLDC celebrated this huge accomplishment along with various churches and their leaders at the “Reflections of Your Works” Album Release Party in Miami, Fl. Selina’s album release date was May 30, 2015. The artist explained that “Reflections of Your Works” is a culmination of songs written during trying times in her life, that God helped her overcome. In essence, the album reveals not only triumph, but also victory in her song writing, talent in her harmony, and the anointing passed on to her from God through her parents Bishop Bobby and Thelma Wellons.

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Selina comes from a praying and true God fearing family that has instilled the way of Holiness, Trust, and Love of God on the inside of her. These attributes are enough to take Selina and her career in Gospel Music to the top. The artist recognizes and honors her parents within this collection of songs; which also feature a track written by none other than her father Bishop Bobby Wellons, Sr. titled “New Changing Life”. The album includes songs like “Thank You Mama” honoring the love and teaching that the artist continues to receive from her mother. “Daddy’s Girl”, track #9 is also an honorary tribute of admiration that she has for her father and his love. While the entire album is as honest as a personal confession of Selina’s walk with the Lord; she did not forget to include something for the ladies. Move over Beyoncé, because Track #1 on the album called “Woman of Integrity” is what I believe to be the next “Run the World (Girls)”ANTHEM for real Christian women living their lives holy and acceptable unto the Lord.

elizabeth and mother wellons Bishop & Sister Elizabeth mother wellons and bishop

A Woman of Integrity is not just a woman that’s perfect or has it all together; she’s someone that knows who she is in the Lord, and represents Christ to the fullest in everything she does. She just plainly loves the Lord. Selina saw this song in her sister Tammy Wellons. “Woman of Integrity” represents a love between sisters (whether natural or spiritual); and how the lives that women live for Christ can exude beyond their physical being so that others may be able to recognize it. Selina sees the light and love of Christ living down in her sister, and what better way to celebrate it by writing words of encouragement in a song… Oh what love!

Wellons women of God

So Saints, enjoy this summer by adding new music to your collection from Selina R. Wellons. Your soul and spirit will truly be blessed. “Reflection of Your Works” can be purchased at You can also search: Selina R. Wellons on & For more info, Email

Much Love & God Bless!!!


Dancers Mime

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I Know the Thoughts I Think Toward You

May God bless you on this wonderful Monday evening. We give God glory for all the things that HE has done; and we continue to give HIM glory for what HE is about to do.

The Lord truly used the Man of God on yesterday evening to let us know that we don’t have to live beneath our privileges. We serve the Best, so we deserve the Best. It’s time for the Saints to cast our net on the other side and launch out into the deep. It’s not fair to God, nor ourselves to settle for less, when we can have all that God intends for us to have. Jesus said in the Word, “I come that they might have life, and that they have it more abundantly”. This is a word for US, and on yesterday Jeremiah 29:11-12 (KJV) was a word of prophecy for us as well. Saints it’s time for us to step out and get what belongs to us.

The following audio has all of the answers to your current situation. God is giving you a Remah Word. You never have to look back, all you have to do is hear and believe what thus saith the Lord through the mouth of the Prophet of God in this audio; because “IT AIN’T OVER!!” Step up your game and get what God has for you!!!!! Listen to the prophecy and commandment of God. If you are wondering why things aren’t going well for you, or you feel as though you’re stuck in a place without progress; then it’s time for you to step up your game and ask God for “BETTER”!!!!

The Gospel of Jesus Christ with confirmation of the Holy Ghost according to Bishop Bobby Wellons, Sr.:

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