Step Up Your Game & Step Out of the Crowd

Step Up Your Game and Get What’s Coming for You, Cause it Ain’t Over for You

Step out of the crowd: No matter what the crowd is doing, how they are living, or thinking; you have to stay focused in the Lord. Keep your eyes on the prize; which is Jesus. Don’t let people or your issues discourage you from touching Jesus . HE is the only way out of a trying situation. HE is the answer to your problems.

One man in God is the majority. It doesn’t take a crowd to reach God, or win the battle. All it takes is faith, obedience, courage, and patience. After twelve years of suffering, the woman with the issue of blood realized that she had no other way to fix her problem; but to try Jesus. She tried everything else, spent everything she had on doctors, but they couldn’t heal her. From the begining, all she needed was Jesus. Let’s not wait until we lose everything to try Jesus.

We as Christians know that HE is our source, so why second guess and try for Plan B? Why not keep Jesus as your Plan A. With Jesus, you will not lose. Now, it may take time for the Lord to finish the work in you, but remember HE is Alpha & Omega. He is the beginning and the end; so HE will finish the work that HE has begun in you. I’d rather let God be the end and finishing of my situation. We should all begin and end with Jesus. Let’s go back to our first love and we will end in love with Him. Wherefore did you doubt? Step out of the crowd and make God #1 in your life; because 2nd Place is 1st Place loser. God wants you to win, but you can’t win without Him.

In closing, step out of the crowd and praise your way through the battle. You will win only with true Salvation because Salvation is of the Lord!


Related Scriptures:

Luke 8:43-48 KJV

Judges 7 KJV

Revelation 22:13 KJV

Jonah 2:9 KJV




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