Happy Birthday To Our Dear Sister Rose

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NCLDC would like to take this moment to remember the life of our Dear and Loving Sister in Christ: Rose Monroe, and wish her a Happy Birthday. May God continue to use your legacy as a blessing to many around the world. We will always remember you as a true Woman of God and a faithful Saint representing “Your God”.

Happy Birthday Sister Rose, We love You Always!!!



May Day 2015

Happy Birthday!!!
We are so blessed to be apart of the lives of you and your families. We wish you well this year, and pray that God continues to keep and watch over you.

With all the best and Much Love,



NCLDC May Day Babies

Sis. Carcharel Smith

Bro. Zack

Sis. Rose Monroe

Sis. Angalenia Garvin

Sis. Lavonne Cooper

& Lil’ Tony


NCLDC Youth Sunday

Our Bishop, Bobby Wellons, Sr. and the New Changing Life family is thanking God for the amazing “Youth Sunday” service held on May 24, 2015. Through obedience and the call of God, NCLDC’s Youth “stepped up their game” and ministered to the hearts of the saints through the Word of God, song, testimonies, praise, and dance. Because of obedience and working together on ONE ACCORD, the Holy Ghost moved like never before in this Youth Sunday service. We are so pleased to watch God use our children as we are continually taught to “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6 KJV)

Youth Sunday was not born out of mere tradition; but by the commandment given from God to our Leader, and Man of God Bishop Bobby Wellons, Sr. Today’s youth are not without great temptation, and pulled by so many things that are not like God. Social media, television, and the internet are all wonderful communication tools that has helped our generation reach such a mass and global market in a positive way. On the other hand, these communication tools have also been used negatively to impact the lives of our children. Although, these tools have a huge impact on their lives; the happenings of the world around us are just as much an influence as we allow. God continues to grab the attention of HIS people, and place us back on track when it comes to raising our children the right way.

Training up a child begins in the house of the Lord, and also in individual homes of the saints. We have to take back what’s rightfully ours. God gave us these kids for HIS glory and purpose. Take Hannah for instance, she yearned and prayed for a man child; she also made a vow to God that she would loan her child back to God if HE granted her petition. Hannah kept her vow. In return, the Lord blessed Hannah with more children than she could ever imagine. HE was pleased with her faithfulness and trust, that he trusted her to be a mother several times over. I believed God loved Hannah even more after she held true to her promise and sacrificed her only child for HIM. Are you willing to give your child back to the Lord? Are you willing to trust God fully with your child? Do you believe that HE knows what’s best for your child’s future? Take a moment and reflect on these questions as a parent…

As you allow God to be the TRUE Father and Mother of your child, your child will grow and blossom into his or her best self. No child or parent is perfect, but we serve a perfect God that can be the foundation of real parenthood. Remember to keep your children involved in God’s business. Find activities and church auxiliaries that can help your children grow within the ministry and the knowledge of Jesus Christ. The answer to your struggles as a parent; and the struggles of your child is JESUS…

Ashley in the keys Praise and worship youronni youth dancers

Step Up Your Game & Step Out of the Crowd

Step Up Your Game and Get What’s Coming for You, Cause it Ain’t Over for You

Step out of the crowd: No matter what the crowd is doing, how they are living, or thinking; you have to stay focused in the Lord. Keep your eyes on the prize; which is Jesus. Don’t let people or your issues discourage you from touching Jesus . HE is the only way out of a trying situation. HE is the answer to your problems.

One man in God is the majority. It doesn’t take a crowd to reach God, or win the battle. All it takes is faith, obedience, courage, and patience. After twelve years of suffering, the woman with the issue of blood realized that she had no other way to fix her problem; but to try Jesus. She tried everything else, spent everything she had on doctors, but they couldn’t heal her. From the begining, all she needed was Jesus. Let’s not wait until we lose everything to try Jesus.

We as Christians know that HE is our source, so why second guess and try for Plan B? Why not keep Jesus as your Plan A. With Jesus, you will not lose. Now, it may take time for the Lord to finish the work in you, but remember HE is Alpha & Omega. He is the beginning and the end; so HE will finish the work that HE has begun in you. I’d rather let God be the end and finishing of my situation. We should all begin and end with Jesus. Let’s go back to our first love and we will end in love with Him. Wherefore did you doubt? Step out of the crowd and make God #1 in your life; because 2nd Place is 1st Place loser. God wants you to win, but you can’t win without Him.

In closing, step out of the crowd and praise your way through the battle. You will win only with true Salvation because Salvation is of the Lord!


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