NCLDC: Trinity Veil & Anointed Praise Dancers

We Thank God for the youth of New Changing Life Deliverance Church Ministry under the leadership of Bishop Bobby Wellons, Sr. We were invited out to minister through Praise and Dance by Apostle Dasha Johnson of Miami, Florida and her wonderful congregation.

It was truly a night of praise; which gave the youth of Jesus Christ a chance to dance for the Lord on a Friday night. God bless you Apostle Johnson, and your faithful members for coming together and giving God “ALL YOU GOT”!!! Much love, and stay blessed!!!


3 thoughts on “NCLDC: Trinity Veil & Anointed Praise Dancers

  1. bigreendaya says:

    Thanking God for our leader and fellow believers in CHRIST JESUS. It was so powerful a room full of Faith Worshiop and Praise. Up lifting the name of JESUS all at once. I got mine. 🙏😁🙏

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