Jan-April 2015 Scripture Recap

Hello All, The following is only a mere portion of the dynamic Word that has been coming forth this year of 2015 thus far. Please take a moment to meditate and search out the scriptures for yourselves. God has led our leader, The Man of God: Bishop Bobby Wellons, Sr. to prescribe our spiritual prescriptions for the year. The most important prescription as of now is to: “Read 1 chapter per day” (minimum). This prescription has proven to heal the cases and issues that the saints face daily. Among the daily meditation of the word; we continue to receive Rhema words from God through our Bishop, which include the following:

Scriptures of 2015 Isaiah 54:17 (No Weapon) John 10:10 (An Abundant Life) It’s time to live. Jesus came that we might have life and more abundantly. We are freeman of Jesus Christ. We are no longer slaves to this world, and its bondage. We belong to God, and we deserve everything that HE has for us. Let go and let God. Get rid of those old thought and habits, and move on. BREATHE and EXHALE…. It’s time to LIVE, LOVE, and LAUGH. In Jesus, you got it all!!!

Luke 18 (The Persistent Widow) Pray without ceasing. God see and hears our humble cry. It is our job to seek his face in all things. We must continue to pray and ask God for the things that we need and desire. This scripture is an example of how persistence can open the door to our requests. The widow pursued a request of justice from the unjust judge; a judged that feared not God nor Man. However, her continual coming wearied him to grant her request. God is saying, “how much more will He grant the request of His children that seek Him continually”. Saints, don’t give up and don’t stop seeking God for help. Only God can grant your petitions. It takes faith, persistence, and pure prayer to receive the miracles and blessings that God has for you.

Galatians 6:9 (Be Not Weary in Well Doing)

Matthew 14:31 (O Ye of Little Faith)

Numbers 13 (Spies sent to Canaan: The Promised Land)

Luke 8:43-48 (The Woman with the Issue of Blood)

Exodus 14 (God Parts the Red Sea)

Acts 12: 5-17 (Constant Prayer releases Peter from Prison)

Psalm 1 (Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly) We are blessed when we live the Lord’s way. This scripture teaches us that we are to live holy, righteous, and by the law of the Lord (in His word); not standing in the way of sinners. This will prevent sinners from coming to the Lord if we are not showing the Jesus that lives on the inside of us. Some of us are the closest a sinner will ever get to Jesus. It’s the light that’s on the inside of us that “must needs” to be shared with the world. We can’t turn up our noses, and look down on others because they don’t live the way we “SAY” we live. We are to reach out and help the lost at any cost. We must pray and win souls. Just be real and testify about where you came from— The drugs, fornication, lies, thievery, and trickery. We no longer have to be ashamed of where we come from; it’s our testimony and our past. We can breathe and thank God that we are no longer in that mess. He brought us out; now help bring someone else out.

Prophetic Messages of 2015:

Healing is about to take place

Time for Prayer

All bills will be paid off


We are going to the promised land

New Homes, Cars are on the way

Go & Get it!!!

God bless you & Much Love, New Changing Life Deliverance Church, under the leadership of Bishop Bobby Wellons, Sr.


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