The Angel of NCLDC has Troubled the Water: Be the First to Get In

November 17, 2014

Mannnnnnnn, I don’t know where to begin… All I can say is “Man-o-Man”; God used our Bishop and Man-o-Man of God on Sunday, November 16, 2014. With that said, 2014 is the Acceptable Year of the Lord. This is our year of Jubilee. From Isaiah 61 to St. John 5; we at New Changing Life Deliverance Church is “On Fire”, wrapped up in the Word of God so heavy, “it’s a shame”. The question is…. “How much word can you get?” The answer is “Can’t get enough!”. Our souls are crying out “Hallelujah” for all of the joy, freedom, deliverance, truth, and salvation that God is bringing through the Word.

Praise Is What We Do

In order to keep the victory, and the Spirit of the Lord surrounding you and your life; you must keep the praises ringing. Praises release the presence of the Lord, and everything else He has for us. We as Saints must remember that staying involved in the move of God and His Spirit will bring us wholeness. The Man at the Pool of Bethesda sat there for 38 long years; without a healing because he waited for someone else to put him in. But the scripture, St. John 5 KJV, makes it plain that an angel will come down at a certain season, and trouble the water. In turn, whosoever gets in the water FIRST, will be made whole of whatsoever disease they may have.  Now, its time for YOU to make up in your mind that You Will Be First; second place is first loser. Claim your #1 spot, get in first. You don’t have to wait for someone to push you or force you to praise God; this should be already in your heart and mind to please Gold with your praise. Praise MUST be unconditional. No matter your situation, you have enough to praise God for. Life and breath alone is enough to praised God. Take a minute and think about where you are in life at this moment……. You are SAVED!!!!!!!!! Jesus saved your life, now praise God for that!!!!!! HEYYYYYYYY, Hallelujah!!!!!!!

The Best

Not only do we get in the move of the water (spirit) for blessings, etc. We use this time to make a move while the spirit is moving. The Spirit of God is not only moving in your church, but also in your life and daily walk. God is performing miracles, working out situations in the spiritual realm that the eye can’t see; so move with the Spirit. Example, if your leader (Man or Women of God) has spoken a word of Prophesy: Homes, cars, jobs then start looking and preparing yourselves for your new home, car, or job. Faith without works is dead, so you must move while the Spirit is moving. Those prophesies are in the atmosphere and we must pull them down in the spirit and go after them. Go for the Best, get the Best, reach out for the Best…. It’s your time, the certain season, the acceptable year of the Lord; so move with the Spirit.

Command God for Your Blessings & Wait on the Lord

However, while you are seeking and reaching out for these blessings, you must continue to “Wait on the Lord”… Wait while you are busy and getting involved in God’s business, BELIEVE while you’re waiting…. You don’t have to rush God or be anxious because whatever you’re asking God for is ON THE WAY!!!! So, just wait and Watch God Move. Nevertheless, remember to keep God in remembrance of your requests and expectations. Use the power of the Holy Spirit to Command God to release those blessings. You must have a real relationship and close walk with God when you attempt to command Him. Commanding God to release your blessings is just one of the many perks and benefits you gain when you’re walking in righteousness (right standing) with the Lord…

Question… Are you in right standing with the Lord?

Ask God for help. He’s not just a healer or provider, He is the Christ. He came to seek and save that which was lost. Be the first to say Yes to God, Give God another Yes, and start a new beginning in the love and Life of God. He’s waiting on you.

Please take a moment to meditate on the following scriptures as they relate to the above reading. You will be blessed and changed as you take time to read the Holy Scriptures pertaining to this “In Season” Word. God bless you and much love from  New Changing Life Deliverance Church and our Bishop Bobby Wellons, Sr.

St. John 5 (The Pool of Bethesda….Take up your bed and walk)

Psalm 27:14 (Wait on the Lord)

Isaiah 45:11 (Command God)

Acts 16:25-27 (Praises opens up the jail cell doors)

Isaiah 61 (The acceptable year of the Lord)