It Ain’t Over For Me

Isaiah 38: 1-8 Hezekiah’s Illness and Recovery

 The above scripture reveals how God has the power, and will change His mind on any circumstance, not matter how challenging the issue. God looks for us to repent in our time of trouble, and/or wring doing. If we humble ourselves within the sight of the Lord, then He will heal our land. God waits for us to acknowledge our faults, and get them right. He is looking for us to “Set our House in Order”.

King Hezekiah is a prime example of someone that knows how to go to God for help, change, and restoration. Although he knew his life was not pleasing to the Lord at that time, he reminded God of his past actions, and ways of living to please God. Hezekiah was desperate; he did not see himself leaving this earth prematurely because of his own actions. In turn, he went to God with a contrite and honest spirit; then God added 15 more years to King Hezekiah’s life. As Saints, we need to have faith and speak words of faith over our own lives. Tell yourself that you will make it, because “It Ain’t Over For Me”!!!!!

God is a redeemer!!!


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