Miracle Tuesday

Thank God for the Man of God!

God continues to use the Man of God to sends us words of encouragement, power, healing, deliverance, revelation, and miracles. With that said, God has given the Man of God something new to encourage the people and let us know what is happening in our lives…. “Miracle Tuesday”!

Miracle Tuesday is exactly what it is named to be, a day of true miracles from the Lord. One Sunday, the spirit of God spoke through the Man of God about what was getting ready to take place on the following Tuesday, and on that Tuesday one of our saints was blessed with a brand new SUV… This took place on that “Miracle Tuesday”, and so many miracles began to follow on every Tuesday since then.

John 21:25 KJV says- “And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen.”

Although this brief article may be incomparable to the above scripture, it still gives us faith that the miracles of Jesus are still working this day, even on our “Miracle Tuesday”.  Take a look at some of the miracles and prophecies that came out of the mouth of the Prophet, and manifested on “Miracle Tuesday”.



Brand new cars

New Jobs

The opening of jail cells

Increase in work/job hours

Increase in salaries

God turned a $1200 bill into $70

Free mechanic work on automobiles

Miracle money in the Bank

Miracle money checks

Utility bills paid off

Miracle money for personal hygiene and appearance

No broken bones after a fall down a flight of stairs


One thought on “Miracle Tuesday

  1. bigreendaya says:

    God Bless! Thanking God for being 1st and the Love of my life! Honor to the Man of God Bishop Wellons! To my Loving Husband and all my Brother and Sisters in the Lord! God is Good saints! And blessing! Just thanking God for Miracle Tuesday receiving my healing! I fell down my own stairs and crunched my ankle badly. Before my head hit the floor God saved me. No pain no broken bones! God is good! Thanking God for prayer! Stay Encouraged! Love JOYBELLS

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