Sometimes you just have to laugh at that devil.... HA HA HA!!!

Sometimes you just have to laugh at that devil…. HA HA HA!!!

"We need to hear from you, we need a word from you, if we don't hear from you, what will we do?"

“We need to hear from you, we need a word from you, if we don’t hear from you, what will we do?”


2014 Annual Birthday Banquet Honoring Bishop Bobby Wellons, Sr. Recap

The 2014 Annual Birthday Banquet honoring Bishop Bobby Wellons, Sr. was a HUGE blessing for the people of God. New Changing Life Deliverance Church would like to thank everyone that participated, supported, and blessed our event through your well wishes and patronage. The Man of God was so blessed and pleased as he walked in the building; along with enjoying the saints as they enjoy themselves. Check it out…

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3 little guys

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May 2015 Scriptures

The following scriptures were given from God the Father to The Man of God: Bishop Bobby Wellons, Sr. for the hearing of the Body of Christ. There is a need, and God, through Jesus Christ will send a word by the Holy Ghost to give us direction and a means to meet those needs. We (NCLDC) are grateful to hear “What thus says the Lord”; and to know that God hears our cry and prayers. Sometimes we just need a word. Does anybody have a word? Is there anyone seeking the face of God for guidance that may help His people?


Review and study the following scriptures that have been a blessing throughout the month of May thus far:

Matthew 4 (The Temptation of Jesus)

1 Samuel 1 (Mother’s Day: Hannah’s love for God, prayer & vow)

Romans 15:1 (Bear the infirmities of the weak)

Romans 8:26

Acts 16:17 (Leading God’s people to Salvation)

Luke 10:40-42 (Serving Jesus, Mary sitting at His feet)

Exodus 14: 13 (Be Still and see the salvation of the Lord)

Isaiah 43:1 &2

Exodus 32:25&26 (Who’s on the Lord side)

Ephesians 6:10-18 (Be strong in the Lord)

Jeremiah 33:3 (Call on the Lord)

Acts 27:31 (Stay on the boat)

3 John 1:2 (Prosperity)

May Day!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday!!!
We are so blessed to be apart of the lives of you and your families. We wish you well this year, and pray that God continues to keep and watch over you.

With all the best and Much Love,



NCLDC May Day Babies

Sis. Carcharel Smith

Bro. Zack

Sis. Rose Monroe

Sis. Angalenia Garvin

Sis. Lavonne Cooper

& Lil’ Tony