True Worshippers

God is seeking those that will worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. Are you one of those True worshippers? Ask yourself the following questions:

“Am I honest with God?”

“Am I living a holy and sanctified life for Christ?”

“Have I truly dropped my net to serve you Lord?”

Jesus was weary from his journey when he sat at the well in Samaria and met a Woman…… A Samaritan woman that was honest about her life, who she was, and what she was doing. She was a woman that wasn’t living a clean life, had many husbands, and still dealing with a man that wasn’t her own husband at all. However, she was honest when Jesus saith unto her, “Go, call thy husband, and come hither”. The woman answered and said, “I have no husband.” Jesus said unto her, “Thou hast well said, I have no husband:”…..

The above dialogue shows us an example of being honest with God, and how TRUTH can set you free. Being honest and truthful of exactly who you are and what you are doing before God HIMSELF. What a mighty God we serve. We thank God for our Bishop, Bobby Wellons, Sr., and how the Lord uses him to bring for the REAL Word of God and fresh manna from above. He is helping us to see through the eyes of the spirit that we can ALL have TRUTH in us. The Man of God saw the revelation that Jesus was not only weary of His journey, but also weary of dealing with fleshly things and people. If you examine the scripture, John 4 in particular, you will notice that during His meeting with this Samaritan woman, that the disciples were not around (they were looking for meat). Jesus HAD to go through Samaria for a special purpose, and this meeting was a part of that purpose. Jesus was having a spiritual conversation with a Samaria woman stranger that believed in his word from just the first meeting. That TRUTH and spiritual conversation lead her to witness to men about what man (Jesus) told her about herself.

The Samaritan woman began being in ungodly relationships with men, but after the truthful meeting Jesus, she was free and strong enough to witness to the men of that town. What a transformation! One meeting with the Lord, can change your whole life.

Let God make you, and EXPECT what God is getting ready to do for you. Expect the transformation from dishonesty to honesty, from living in the flesh to life in the spirit.


Key Scriptures:

John 4: 1-42 KJV