Wake Up (Psalm 57:8)

Psalm 57:8 KJV- “Awake up, my glory; awake, psaltery and harp: I myself will awake early”

God bless you Saints,

Ask yourself…. “Am I awake?” “Is my spirit alive?” “Where did I fall asleep in the Lord?”

We as Christians are urged to “watch as well as pray”. But how can you watch when you have fallen asleep?

Don’t lose out on what God our Father has for you because you got tired of pressing, tired of praising, tired of serving, and tired of obeying. Obey God and WAKE UP! HE is always there for you when you call. HE is always waiting to hear from you. Imagine if HE was asleep when you called, and desperately needed HIM; how would you feel?

It is best to believe and cry out to our God when we are in a hole. That hole represents deep situations, doubt, living beneath our privileges, and fear. GET OUT OF THAT HOLE and WAKE UP!!! You are who God says you are!

Meditate on the above scripture and reflect where you need to be in God. Keep the eyes and ears of your souls open and attentive unto God, HIS voice, and HIS spirit; and HE will do the same for you.

Much Love,



One thought on “Wake Up (Psalm 57:8)

  1. Joy Bells says:

    Sis. Joy bells
    God bless and amen I am waking up, and thank God for Bishop Wellons. Now Lord keep us awake!

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