2013 Pastor’s Appreciation Week: In Honor of Bishop Bobby Wellons, Sr.

Saints! Saints! Saints!
Get Ready! Get Ready! Get Ready!

New Changing Life Deliverance Church of Miami, Florida is now preparing for the September 2013 celebration of the year: NCLDC Pastor’s Appreciation Week. We will be giving God the glory, and much honor to our Bishop, Pastor, Leader, Prophet, Evangelist, and Man of God for all of his hard work and dedication throughout the years.

We can’t thank him enough for loving, praying, giving, teaching, and leading us through so many hard times. God has truly used this man to help pull us out of situations that only God could do; and we appreciate him for it.

We invite you to come out and help us celebrate the love that we have for such an AWESOME leader, and a true Man of God. He is the REAL DEAL!

We Love You Bishop!!!

Celebration Kick-Off: The First Week in September 2013
More details to come:)

Praise Is What I do (For the Nation Version) with Lyrics

Album: William Murphy Project

Praise is what I do
When I want to be close to You,
I lift my hands in praise.
Praise is who I am,
I will praise Him while I can.
I’ll bless Him at all times.


I vow to praise You
Through the good and the bad.
I’ll praise You,
Whether happy or sad.
I’ll praise You
(this is my testimony)
In all that I go through,
(somebody said why)
Because praise is what I do,
Cause I owe it all to You.

Verse 1:
(come on church)
Praise is what I do
(come on church)
When I want to be close to You,
(I lift my hands-somebody lift Him)
I lift my hands in praise.
(somebody say it so the devil will hear you)
Praise is who I am,
(come on praise the Lord)
I will praise Him while I can.
I’ll bless Him at all times.


And I vow to praise You
Through the good and the bad.
I’ll praise You,
Whether happy or sad.
I’ll praise You
(Somebody lift your voice and say)

Verse 2:
Praise is what I do,
Even when I am going through,
(see I’ve learned…)
I’ve learned to worship You.
(see I want to let the devil know tonight, even though…)
Know my circumstance doesn’t even stand a chance,
My good outweighs the bad.
(so I vow to praise)

Repeat Chorus

Now somebody lift your voice
And just go to praising him right now
Somebody lift your voice in this place
Lift up your voice in this place.

Praise is what I do
Is what I do

Praise Is What I Do!!!!

There is nothing left to do but….Praise!

Psalm 100:4 (KJV)- “Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.”

Right now, all of our miracles, blessings, and breakthrough’s are coming through our PRAISE! There is nothing left to do but Praise Ye the Lord, with ALL your soul. Sometimes the things we need are just a praise away.
Focus on your need, issue, or problem(like a bull’s eye) and give God your best Praise…. A true Praise from your heart will hit that target.

Praise HIM for Who HE is
Praise HIM because you love HIM
Praise HIM for what HE has already done
Praise HIM for what HE is about to do

Just PRAISE HIM!!!!!

Love U Lord!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!!!! Hallelujah!!!

Wake Up (Psalm 57:8)

Psalm 57:8 KJV- “Awake up, my glory; awake, psaltery and harp: I myself will awake early”

God bless you Saints,

Ask yourself…. “Am I awake?” “Is my spirit alive?” “Where did I fall asleep in the Lord?”

We as Christians are urged to “watch as well as pray”. But how can you watch when you have fallen asleep?

Don’t lose out on what God our Father has for you because you got tired of pressing, tired of praising, tired of serving, and tired of obeying. Obey God and WAKE UP! HE is always there for you when you call. HE is always waiting to hear from you. Imagine if HE was asleep when you called, and desperately needed HIM; how would you feel?

It is best to believe and cry out to our God when we are in a hole. That hole represents deep situations, doubt, living beneath our privileges, and fear. GET OUT OF THAT HOLE and WAKE UP!!! You are who God says you are!

Meditate on the above scripture and reflect where you need to be in God. Keep the eyes and ears of your souls open and attentive unto God, HIS voice, and HIS spirit; and HE will do the same for you.

Much Love,


God Knows Your Name

God, your Father, knows your name. He already knows your character, personality, needs, intentions, motives, and abilities. HE knows all about you. I thank God, because sometimes we forget the power and wisdom of who we serve. The potter knows the clay, because he is the one creating, molding, and shifting us. He knows all of our needs. Don’t be surprised when HE does what HE says HE would do for you. God is not a man that HE shall lie, HE is THE promise keeper. HE is all & all.

Yesterday, The Lord used our Pastor, Bishop, Man of God: Bobby Wellons, Sr. to enlighten us on a few things:

1) God knows who you are
2) He knows the answer to your question, before YOU answer HIS
3) He knows your character, and what you are capable of

Ex. John 1:47-48(KJV) “Jesus saw Nathanael coming to him, and saith of him, Behold an Israelite indeed, in whom is no guile! Nathanael saith unto him, Whence knowest thou me? Jesus answered and said unto him, Before that Philip called thee, when thou wast under the fig tree, I saw thee…”

This above scripture lets us know that as Jesus began his ministry, and chose the 12 disciples, HE bid them to “Follow”. He did not choose them because they were perfect, or sinless; he chose them because he ALREADY knew that they would “Follow”. God knows our heart, just like Jesus knew the heart of HIS disciples…..He also knew that those same disciples needed much work and deliverance such as we do today. So hold on to the fact that God loves us, and all he commands is that we follow (and obey), and he’ll do the rest.

God, though Jesus Christ wants to make us fishers of men. He’s looking for commitment from us. Are you committed?

Ask yourself “am I committed?”

Yes, it gets hard sometimes, and you may feel as though you had enough, but you can never have enough of the Lord. He loves you… and HE is truly committed to you and your soul…… LOVE

August Babies (2013)

NCLDC celebrates the birth of our August babies. We thank God for you all, and for all of your hard work. Your labor is not in vain. There are trials and struggles throughout life, but God gives us a new birth every year to thank HIM for seeing another one. So with that said, please enjoy this new year of your life, but most importantly….Enjoy it with Christ. We love you, and Happy Birthday.

Sis. Shari Bryant

Mother Bedell

Sis. Yvette Smith

Sis. Miracle Lane

Mother Monroe

Sis. Margo