Hannah was a Winner
David was a winner
Gideon was a winner

Are you a winner?

Whether you are in a trial or battle, you must see yourself already out of that trial or battle with the victory. Sometimes we as Christians have to tell ourselves that we are winners… Don’t let the world or even the enemy label you as something that is untrue to who God says your are; but believe you are a winner… A winner in life, a winner in your home, and most importantly….A Winner for the Lord, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Check out the following scriptures:
1 Samuel Chapter 1
1 Samuel Chapter 17
Judges Chapter 6:11-40 & Chapter 7

Within these scriptures, you will get a glimpse of how Hannah, David, and Gideon got the victory and earned their titles as Winners. Believe and trust God.

Nuff said….I AM A WINNER!!!


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