NCLDC Praise Dancers: Trinity Veil & Anointed Praise

The Lord is using the youth of New Changing Life Deliverance Church. Each member of Trinity Veil and Anointed Praise Dance Teams has her own testimony, and they each convey the appreciation and gratitude for God through their dance. The Lord took some of these dance team members from the “pole to the pulpit”. We thank God for what he has and is doing. Take a look!

Let’s Go Higher!!!!

It is time for us to go higher in God…..

It is proper for us to acknowledge and reverence our heavenly father in all things that we do and receive. We must give him praise for “making ways out of no way”, providing us with homes, cars, and money; however, let us not forget that we ultimately need the CREATOR of those things.

Sometimes we fall short in terms of praising the creation, more than the creator; but let us not forget the most important factor that “when its all over, I want to be saved”.

Saints, ponder on this passage of scripture…..”Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these other things shall be added.”… Never forget your first love, and go back to where the truth began in your heart to serve Christ to the fullest; and love HIM with your whole heart, mind, and soul…

Here are a few things and questions to consider when aiming to go higher in the Lord:

Am I loving enough?
Am I serving enough?
Am I witnessing enough?
Am I giving enough?
Am I praying enough?
Am I fasting enough?
Am I obedient enough?
Am I involved enough in my church auxiliaries?
What more can I do to please God?

Take inventory of yourself and where you are in God “Our Heavenly Father”… Be honest with who you are, and take the next step of faith to go higher.

We love you, and be blessed!

Cars Cars Cars

God has been blessing New Changing Life Deliverance Church in a major way through the mouth of the Prophet, Seer, and Man of God, Bishop Bobby Wellons, Sr. The church has been tried through many ways of tribulations, troubles, and tests. However, Jesus always seems to bring us out ON TIME, and ON TOP. Through the test of a “lack of transportation”, God has done it again! He has given his people the victory over the enemy. Everything that God has spoken over his people in terms of “New Cars” has come to pass.

We are a ministry that believes in helping one another in many ways than one; and I can honestly say, we are big on using the cars that the Lord has blessed us with for his glory, for the kingdom, and the ministry. God has made a way for those that needed transportation; those that went from walking, riding bikes, and catching rides, and taking the bus to church. HE has blessed individuals with revoked and suspended licenses, bad credit, no credit, no job, no down payments, and repossessions to brand new cars. We have learned from God, through the Jesus in our leader to be fair with what God has given us to be a blessing to someone else. We have also learned to take care of what you have and God the Father will indeed bless you with much more.

It is a true saying, “If you are faithful over a few, God will make you ruler over many”.

We thank God and give HIM ALL THE GLORY for ALL that he has done. This message is meant to testify over HIS goodness in terms of these material blessings (cars), but it is not meant to take the place of what is undoubtedly more important……. and that is SALVATION. God gives us all things richly to enjoy, and glorify him for bringing us out of times of struggle. There have been many Saints that have cried and been weary in situations where they just wished they had a ride… And to be able to close your eyes and thank God for answering that simple prayer of owning your very own car, to get to and fro; this is truly a Great testimony for many.

So we say THANK GOD for his Many Blessings. Enjoy whatever blessing and miracles God has done for you; no matter how big or how small…. But most importantly, enjoy your NEW LIFE IN CHRIST…YOUR SALVATION:)

Be Blessed!