The 3 Sides of Hannah

Giving ALL Glory to God, Our Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ; and giving Honor to our Pastor, Leader, and Man of God: Bishop Bobby Wellons, Sr.

1 Samuel Chapter 1.

Through revelation of the Spirit of the Holy, from God our Heavenly Father, and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; we learned that we must understand the 3 sides to Hannah. Hannah was a holy Woman of God, a Wife, and Mother. Hannah kept her balance in all areas of her life. She understood her place as a wife, how and when to perform her wifely duties. She understand her place as a woman; a woman that would keep her vows to God, and uphold standard and integrity. She also understood her place as a mother; To care for her child, support her child, train up her child, but most importantly loan up her child for the use of the master.

Hannah was a woman of favor, favored with grace. She cried out to God in secret, and received what she asked God for openly. Take a look at the life and purpose of Hannah. How can you compare your life as a child of God in accordance to this particular word of revelation. Is there balance in your life? Take time out to examine your life’s purpose and how your life lines up with the will of God.